M Street brings you Instant Station Profile (ISP). Now you can help advertisers understand the connection between the geographic area that your Radio and/or Television station serves, and the money spent in specific retail categories. ISP shows the retail spending potential of the consumers that live in the coverage area for your station group, local station, or station network, as a whole!

ISP is a web-based service that puts a full, market intelligence and sales system, right at your fingertips.

With ISP, you can produce profiles of your station network or single station’s coverage area, based on the following variables:

Household IncomeOccupation
LanguageDaily Commute
Home OwnershipEducation Profile
Then, you can produce a profile of the retail spending dollars that are generated by the consumers who are living in your custom-defined coverage area. Select a retail category (or many categories) and see the amount that is spent annually by people that you are capable of reaching!

ISP also gives you access to Retail Industry research and Twitter streams of companies who conduct research and analysis for all of the specific retail categories.

All reports are presentation-ready, customizable with your station logo and notes field. Every ISP report can be emailed immediately to a prospect or made into a PDF on the spot.

Retail Trade
Multi Station Mapping
multi-station map

Demographic Profile
demographic profile
State Network
state map